Our body is not meant to be ruled

Our bodies are unruly

Our bodies are whole

Healing happens outside of the box


Someone forget to tell us that we are the leaders of our own experience. They forgot to tell us that our bodies have the capacity to synthesize and make meaning out of every moment. We have the potential to understand our pain and create an authentic and deeply personal path towards strength, pleasure and vitality. There is no such thing as “the cure for back pain”. One size doesn't fit all. And thank friggin gosh! 

 We are so much more then the sum of the parts that hurt or that don’t work the way we wish them to. Experientially based therapy asks us to accept guidance in stepping into a healing process that is driven by us, by our own observations and curiosity. Our unique history and aspirations spark the type of healing that changes everything for us. 

Lets heal experientially. Lets lead our own path towards sustainability in these difficult times. 

I believe that illness and physical pain create two cosmic potentialities in the body. On one end we can see physical pain as the barer of bad news. But if we are still alive on the other end of a painful moment, or a painful month or year, something else emerges. We might feel the ebb and flow of pain or discomfort and come closer to understanding how everything is impermanent. We can appreciate these sharp and poignant edges that have been miraculously generated from our own body. Overtime we may even be able to see these signals as treasures, as reminders to pay attention, go inwards, slow down or that we need to make changes to how we are living. On this end of the universe lives our innate ability to take the everyday-ness of pain and suffering as a full- proof testimony to our wholeness and immediate vibrancy. When we are in physical pain can we slow down and observe ourselves in a way that deepens the type of curiosity that flows when we are learning and in awe of life?. Can we have the same patience for ourselves that we would have for a child who may be struggling to learn how to read for the first time? What newness does pain open us up to? What have we learned about ourselves from this approach? What do we know now about being human in the midst of pain? 

In this vein an experiential approach to movement and physical therapy would open us to a world where the movement itself holds both the answer and the question, the mystery and the clear path ahead towards a more authentic and personal relationship to our healing. 


Experiential Physical therapy is a holistic approach to physical rehabilitation founded by artist and somatic healer Brandon Sloan. This is a practice that blends many schools of thought and traditions of healing (see Brandon's full resume in the about section). EPT hopes to blend  emerging scientific research in physical therapy from the west with the re-emerging somatic and spiritual practices with their roots in the East. In this way Experiential Physical Therapy blends  traditional western medicine with holistic healing modalities that have existed for centuries in the East.   

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Photo cred: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/391391023856409010/

Brandon Sloan