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Brandon Sloan PT, DPT, CMT, Certified Gyrotonic and Awareness Through Movement Instructor

Brandon is a healing artist and activist living in Boston Massachusetts. He graduated from the MGH Institute of Health Professionals as the Knowles Hilton Scholar, earning a clinical Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy in 2016. Since 2007 he has been working as a massage therapist, body worker and freelance artists in both Philadelphia PA and Boston. In 2018 he received a Partners in Excellence Award for his holistic outpatient physical therapy services within the Spaulding Rehabilitation Network. In his spare time Brandon performs with various Boston based Theater Troupes and co-facilitates healing spaces for people of color. He is so thrilled to be offering Experiential Physical Therapy as the fruit of over 10 years of work, study and love. 

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Experiential Physical Therapy is 

 a unique holistic approach to outpatient physical therapy. Brandon blends the foundations of Orthopedic Physical Therapy with his training in movement studies, massage therapy, the Feldenkrias Method and the Gyrotonic Method to treat the following conditions.

Joint pain

Chronic Pain 

Sports related injuries

Injuries related to motor vehicle accidents

Pain related to osteoarthritis

Muscular and cardiovascular de-conditioning

Plantar fasciitis

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